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Kirstie alley reveals weight loss, says shes lost 20 pounds (or 3 lemurs), shares pic | e! news

She then hired a trainer to help her meet this goal, and developed the organic liaison weight loss system. Her publicized struggles with weight loss lead to alley’s affiliation with jenny craig weight loss centers. Reportedly she was chosen for the role because she resembled “star trek” creator gene roddenberry’s image of what a vulcan should look like. Her involvement swiftly led to an endorsement deal. Courage to wear a bikini onstage when she was 30, despite being slender.


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Sign up to receive updates from bio and a+e networks. Kirstie alley played feminist gloria steinem (right) in the 1985 tv-movie “a bunny’s tale,” which was based on steinem’s experiences working as a playboy bunny.

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