Asian people secrets of longevity

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The secret to living past 100 can be found in this remote chinese village

The tea culture is part of the people’s culture. Also try to cut down on clutter, which leads to stress. Bapan residents wake up, eat and go to bed at the same time every day. The secret of that longevity is a traditional diet of fish, rice and simmered vegetables, easy access to healthcare and a comparatively high standard of living in old age. It also found siblings of okinawan centenarians were more likely to live longer. My grandmother would burn logs underneath it to heat the water.


Bbc - travel - the chinese secret to living a long lifeThe secrets of the chinese longevity


Dr yang ze’s (strinkingly similar) advice

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This attitude might partly be attributable to a complex interaction of culture, education, climate, environment and the shinto tradition of purifying the body and mind before meeting others. I have had a lot of happy times, but the best is now,” observed huang makan, a few houses down, with a flash of her exquisite smile.

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