Babies born with no anus


Imperforate anus: symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments

If they can’t help you, they will find someone who can. The thing is that we abandoned the “colostomy bags” as she is a baby, she moves a lot and the bag always detached and leaks, which is not good at all. If you email me your mailing address i will send you a few complimentary bottles of laxacare to try. My daughter-in-law was told that her boy child my be born without an anus. Our goal is to follow your child until they reach college age to help ensure they are healthy and living to their full potential. These are words that no parent wants to hear and with an imperforate anus, most of the time the diagnosis is a total surprise since it doesn`t show up on the ultrasound. Is it okay if we hold it until she can walk?will it affect her stoma not behaving normally on and after the operations?it is hard to have anyone to look after her when we are at work so we take turns and when i’m away for a long time it’s hard for her to adjust to me being there all of a sudden but i have to keep my job to afford all the expenses with it.


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What`s next?

Babies born with no anus.

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This is probably more my issue than his. Is it normal and what can be done for to pass stool normally and for how long? You just have to call them.

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