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None of those are teacups. Well that was my thought. Oh yeah– when one relative was going through chemo and radiation, that golden retriever taught her 8 year old self to go up and down 13 slippery wooden steps to get into his bedroom and sleep on his floor. They are giant pugs. They’re not for every family though. Oh man, the sister newfie doesn’t do it much but her brother melts your heart by flopping his giant square head on your lap, drool and all, and looking up at you with big pouty eyes like “please. It was clear i was just another puppy to him.

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Living with an english mastiff

We had a great dane pup, probably 6 months old at the time, 16 years ago. I do have 1 question,how can u afford to feed these “beasts?” heeee! My lil boy who has downs used to chill with him all the time and ferg looked after him like he just knew he was different, kept him from getting out of the gate and even when my boy fell on him, he never even rumbled, just rubbed drool over his face and went back to sleep.

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