Competition evolutionary history sperm

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Promiscuity: an evolutionary history of sperm competition

Is the ultimate guide to the battle of the sexes. After reading this book, you will never think about human mating in quite the same way. Tim birkhead has documented a fascinating part of this explosion; a part that darwin did not discuss–namely adaptations taking effect after mating: sperm competition and sperm selection, and the associated battles of the sexes. If you want to know why sex is so complicated, read this book and give your brain a treat. Describe, a number of useful insights have been gained from studying these systems. But the female exploits the male to her own advantage in the end.

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Competition evolutionary history sperm.

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This is a marvellous and lucid survey, from bed-bugs to humans. ); emphasize the crucial importance of considering the female reproductive tract as the (far from passive) environment in which sperm must perform; and urge the greater use of integrative, multivariate approaches that can begin to tease apart the complexities of what determines fertilization success. Males who do better in sperm competition (or do better at avoiding it) will tend to leave more offspring, and over evolutionary time the sorts of traits that increase a male’s sperm competitive ability will therefore tend to increase in frequency.