First time female bisexual experiences


Why bisexual women struggle in lesbian relationships

I am now dating a man and all my relationships and sexual interactions have been with men, so i don’t define myself as gay but it’s hard to say i’m ‘100% straight,’ because i did enjoy having sex with this particular woman. I had a little cry and cuddle with hubby – not because i was upset in any way, just a massive overwhelming emotional release. We had some wine and watched netflix. My first experience with her was beautifully hilarious. At a bar after rehearsal, oh, two weeks in, she plops herself down on my lap and says, “i want to make out with you. So, gotta say, unless you’re upfront with your so about it, it’s cheating.


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Like a true stereotype, i experimented with sex and my sexuality in college. I’m not turned on by gay guys at all, i’ve had some success on craigslist, but it is obviously risky.