Hard cast or fmj penetration


Marksmanship matters | handgun ammunition for carrying in the woods

Born in southeastern washington state, sam hoober graduated in 2011 from eastern washington university. We work hard to bring the best glock forum! unlock additional features, and fewer ads while browsing. Forums, part of the gun forum category; okay, so i get the benefits of going with flat nose ammo when backpacking, etc. Really great stuff on your site. Experiences of his own use of a handgun against bears. More than one person has opined that the 158-grain. The proper way to carry and deploy handgun shot shells in the field is a subject in itself.

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Reloading - cast bullets vs fmj for shtf - survivalist forumWhy are hard cast bullets so great and fmj so bad? | the high road

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Hardcast vs full metal jacket bullets | northwest firearms - oregon, washington, and idaho gun ownersThe effects of the meplat on terminal ballisticsHard cast or fmj penetration.

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They’ve also come down in price over time and have become far more widely available, making jhp a little more viable as. Beyond 6 feet, the pattern opens up to the point where hitting the head of a snake becomes unreliable.