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I let it go and decided to just not tell him anything anymore. He ate the pizza, in plain view of everyone, then simply closes the box and leaves it there. We should really be calling him stefani because he’s a little bitch but i digress. The authors – bennett tepper at ohio state and marie mitchell at the university of georgia — are quick to point out passive-aggressiveness is not the ideal career strategy. People have their guards down when angry and can impart some painfully honest messages. Can you develop a formal or informal rotation system with colleagues so that everyone gets about the same amount of exposure to the boss or to tasks that are more asshole-intensive? that way, everybody gets the fair share of abuse (and relief).

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Is this how co-workers see you?

I hang up on them and go to another unit and ask for one of their monitors. A good portion of the community is relatively quiet, which is one of the reasons we get such a bad rep because the only ones that complain are the ones you never want to listen to :/.

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