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Custom made erotic jewelry for men and women designed by betony vernon | my style | pinterest | venus, woman and jewel

Tantric texts include several formulas to preparing the kohl, which is extremely strong because the camphor is burnt out along with some volatile substances. In order to experience certain strong sexual techniques, that imply sexual continence , the body must be bathed and smeared with oils. Sunny side of life shines brightly with the irrepressible energy and allure of the maison. And if your favorite man resembles a greek titan, then just prize him with the ultimate mouth-watering birthday or anniversary gift that he will love you even more for! adjustable-size means you can’t go wrong with details and you can count on him being head-over-heals. Kohl is an eastern product used in this purpose, and if it is prepared adequately, it has a therapeutically refreshing effect.


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I have a lot of people coming to me through the internet now who have very specific desires. You will get a tracking number after shipping.