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Starbucks staff print racial slur on a mexican customers cup | indy100

Npr’s all songs considered featured them. The trademark office requires applicants send proof that they’re using the term they’re trying to trademark, so tam sent in photographs and fliers of the band. 5 american university radio. They come from a sex tape hogan made with the wife of tampa shock jock bubba the love sponge clem, and include candid moments where hogan discusses his daughter’s relationship with a “black billionaire. We continued through security with significant precautions at every step.


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Tam decided on the band name after asking a friend to identify common asian stereotypes. But in rejecting the application, the patent office pointed to internet posts about miley cyrus pulling back her eyes and the word “slant” used as a racial slur. Consequently, we have notified her that we will not represent her.