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In beijing, guangzhou, nanjing and other large cities across mainland china, over 10 000 couples hope to undergo aid as soon as possible. My husband and i are 34 and 35 and have been trying for a child for five years and have had five reoccurring pregnancy losses at six weeks each time. Presents evidence that the paternal age effect on iq may go away with better controls of parental iq & education. Whatever science may say, this is how in practice we have hitherto regarded ourselves. With donor conception, the state requires absolutely none of that. Ethical issues concerning sperm donation have been considered and discussed by government and non-governmental agencies, the public, media and academic institutions in many countries. Who knows all about his own dna?

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Our first round of icsi worked, and we are expecting a baby girl in only a few more weeks. I wasn’t bothered about anonymity,” he said. Two years later, we were married and trying for a baby.

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